about ARA


I am so glad you are here! You may know me as Casi or Cassandra. Maybe you’ve always thought I spelled my name Cassie or Casey. Hi! That’s all been me & that’s all still me. I have always been the same soul inside of this lovely body…I simply seem to mark my milestones & life transitions by re-mixing my birth name “Cassandra.” It’s fun & I really have no attachment to any of these names. Right now, I introduce myself as “Ara” because the vibration it holds when I say it (& hear it) aligns with my being & feels really good. “Ara” was magically gifted to me by three Golden Eagles while I was deep in meditation on the rocks of the Penobscot River in Maine during the Solar Eclipse of August 2017. It was almost like I could hear the word “Ara” over a loud speaker…repeating over & over again. I thought it was kinda weird…yet also very clear. A month later I opened up a “…Magical Names” book at a flea market to the exact name “Ara” … A German Teutonic name meaning “Eagle Maiden.” OK. “So, Ara it is!", I declared. A lot of Ancestral Wisdom has been opened up by working with the Spirit of Golden Eagle & embodying “Ara”… & my handle as @aragoldeneagle. A lot of work with my ego versus trust…going back & forth…often spending time thinking about whether everyone thinks I’m “crazy.” What a waste of time thinking about what other people are thinking. LOL. Anyway, the signs didn’t stop flowing. Eagles everywhere in every style! Often Gold. Like GOLD, GOLD. Eventually it all landed me at my great-greatX8grandfather (8 generations back), Aquila Chase. His name “Aquila” means “Eagle” in Latin!! Oooo that was sweet nectar…such a lovely discovery…synchronistic magic. And there are many more stories like that. I love magic & I love seeing magic in the EVERYDAY.

me in my entirety

My favorite ways of connecting with whatever (whoever) it is that’s bigger than me is by me being myself in my entirety. I love working with the elements & loving, divine guides while connecting with my Self & Highest Self by working with the plants, animals, all benevolent beings, Mother Earth, fire, air, water, breath-work, self-love, sex, dance, yoga, meditation, money, tarot, archetypes, story-telling, writing, art, fashion & adornment, costume, exploring creativity, voice, song, sound & extremely long savasanas. I have been reading with the Smith, Rider, Waite Tarot deck for over 20 years & love to help others connect to themselves fully while loving themselves in their entirety. This means a lot of shadow & trigger work mixed with self-love ritual, embodiment & adornment. The cards help with all of this in so many ways, unique to each being. Please, if you are interested in how they can work with you, let’s do a Tarot Reading! If you are local, you are more than welcome to come to Tarot Study Group on Tuesday nights at the Chai Space in downtown Burlington, VT. Since 2016, I have created a small herbal line, named Golden Eagle Alchemy, offering altar candles, sacred smoke bundles, tinctures, oxymels & vibrational healing essences. I also work with Young Living as Golden Eagle Essentials. Our team is witchy, spiritual & badass! If you are looking for a team full of wisdom, info & resources, you found us! I would love to have you join us. You can check out my oily.life/ara site or email me with questions. You’ll need to grab a starter kit & we can go from there! I fully support & stand behind their Seed to Seal promise. As far as yoga… I love Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga! I am a certified Vinyasa teacher through Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) as I have studied, practiced & taught at Yoga Vermont since 2010. Find me there Wednesday night’s for 5:40pm Primary. I love Kathy McNames deeply & she is the reason I am so involved with Nandi Animal Rescue. I have also attended workshops with Sharathji, Saraswathiji, David Swenson & David Williams… all multiple times. In other news, I am also a Certified End-of-Life Doula & I have my B.A. in Early Childhood Education from University of Vermont. I was also certified through AFAA in 2003 as a Personal & Group Trainer. I am a sister of Priestess Path’s Generation 16. I am a folk herbalist by way of Gaia School of Healing & I consider myself a hedge witch. I enjoy being with others in circle yet often practice magic in the woods by myself with Spirit, Guides, Mother Earth & her Beings. I serve All with great reverence to my maternal Grandmother Josephine & paternal Grandmother Joan, Three(!) Great-…-Great Grandmothers named Temperance (paternal side, English/Puritan origin) along with all of the grandmothers (!!!) … & Goddess Isis, Goddess Frigg, Goddess Gna & Kali Ma! I love being in a body with thoughts. I believe it is the human BEing’s birthright to understand life, love, feelings, emotions, hate, shame, doubt, death, dreams & everything in between. My PASSION is to meet all beings, exactly where they are. My DESIRE is to meet myself exactly where I am every single day & love myself in my entirety regardless of inner or outer judgment. My LOVE is shared freely. I WORK to SERVE all beings by loving myself in my entirety. I meet you exactly where you are, in this moment, without judgement & only love for YOU in YOUR ENTIRETY. You are perfect right now. I am perfect right now. I love myself. I love my body. I love my brain. My thoughts & my triggers. My journey. My whole-ness. My whole thing. This whole life. This is my work. This is how I serve. Loving myself whole-y, so you have permission to love yourself whole-y. You are holy, You are wholy. You are whole-y. You are whole! I love you!