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for clarity

Please fill out the form below with as much info as you would like to offer including names of guides or ancestors that you may work with or feel around you often. Any signs or spirit guides that may come to you including numbers may be listed in the last box request. Please feel free to leave it open-ended with little to no info if that feels better for you. Thank you & May All Your Days be Filled with Love & Magic. Blessings!

Life, Career, Romance, Growth... let me know what is floating around in your head. You are reaching out to an intuitive for a purpose. Be clear in your intention & what you are feeling blurry about. This will help me work with your guides to get you the best, most clear answers to you.
Once I receive your request for a reading, you will be be added to my sacred list. You will soon receive a request for payment based on the option you choose (may take up to one week based on how busy I am with readings). After I receive payment, you can expect your reading within 48-72 hours.